Published/In Progress Work

The Tragedy of Carth Giator: Stuck fighting a war he feels he has no place in, musician Carth Giator struggles against a rival nation, magic, and his own psychosis. Can he stay alive and return to his beloved before he falls to the sword or loses himself to the horrors of war?

Continuum: Vol. 4: est. Summer 2017. The fourth Continuum installment.

Continuum: Chaos Theory: The third edition of the Continuum series. Join an alien secret agent as she dons her father’s soul mask, a young man battling his own fear, a miner struggling to survive, a starship tech as she struggles to save her beloved, a gladiator trying to keep his honor, and a young man caught in a battle of space-time.

Soul mask Final

Continuum: Until Dawn: Join a gladiator trying to save his sister, a blacksmith trying to save his home, a poltergeist, a rouge star pilot, and the Liberation of Dentrius Point. Continuum: Until Dawn. Is the second installment of the Continuum series.

Continuum: Fables of the Fallen — Fables of the Fallen is the first installment of the Continuum Series. Published by a college writer’s group, these six Fantasy/ Sci-fi stories explore the depth of true fallen heroes. Join a Legend Slayer, Mind Reader, Ghostwalker, Mage, and a Medieval Soldier with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in these truly fantastical tales. One of our writers won an honorable mention for the Writers of the Future contest. There is no triumph without the fall.


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