Book Launch — Continuum: Impetus

The Continuum series is back after a long hiatus!

I’m happy to announce that I, with my fellow contributor Kathleen Monin, have finallycontinuumebook4FINAL published the fourth installment of the Continuum Anthologies. This time around, the stories took on a noticeably darker tone than the previous anthologies, which is only fitting given the state of our modern world.

Exploring things like the immigration crisis, the ever-changing moral landscape of technology, android child soldiers, terrorism, and religious fanaticism, I would highly recommend picking up a copy (though I may be biased).

There are many new contributors to this edition of the anthology as well. I’d like to welcome Chris Phillips, Matthew Elam, Sara Tantlinger, K.P. Kulski, and Michael K. Ingram. Kathleen Monin, Hannah Kubiak, and myself, obviously make return appearances.

The stories appearing, in order:

The Morality Variable, by Kathleen Monin

No Strings, by Michael K. Ingram

Ole Kentucky Blue, by Christopher Phillips

Upgrade, by Hannah Kubiak

Sandraudiga, by Sara Tantlinger

Marginalized, by Matthew Elam

A Perfect Coil by K. P. Kulski

Revenge, by Jacob Baugher

Kindle eBook link here.

Paperback copy link here.





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