SHU 2017 Graduation Prayer

Dear Lord,

We come before you today as graduates, as classmates, as friends and family; as the Seton Hill writing community. We ask you to send your blessings upon us and upon all of those unable to be here with us today. We thank you for this wonderful opportunity that is the Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction Program; for all the family members and friends who have supported us throughout this process. Each of them has played such an important role in our development as writers. We also ask you to bless our mentors, those who were so instrumental in guiding us through this process. Without them, we would not be here today.

In John Paul II’sĀ Letter to Artists, he speaks of theĀ divine call of the artist. He says:

“Here we touch on an essential point. Those who perceive in themselves this kind of divine spark which is the artistic vocation as poet, writer, sculptor, architect, musician, actor, and so on–feel at the same time not to waste this talent, but to develop it, in order to put it at the service of their neighbor and humanity as a whole.”

As we go forth from Seton Hill, help us to keep this ever in the forefront of our minds–this call to beauty and transcendence; to use our talents–our unique gifts–to better our neighbor and to strive for the highest excellence for humanity as a whole.



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