How to Incorporate History into Fiction

The Knights of the Folding Table

From a young age I’ve been captivated by history as the foundation stories of the world around us. History tells us about our families, explains political divisions and cultural philosophies. It permeates our lives whether we know it or not. This is the same for fictional characters and the world around them. With the inclusion of history, a story truly expands to the next level.

WHO-WE-ARE-HISTORYBut what questions should we ask ourselves as writers when we want to include history into our work? And how do we include it without making it seem forced?

Really the answer is as simple as looking to the real world. Of course, you realize, nothing in the real world is simple. History permeates the story of now. And at every intersection of the human story there is a now. It is the tapestry that is woven our identities, a consciousness that is much…

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