Keeping the Love Alive

From a new blog I’m starting up with my grad school class.

The Knights of the Folding Table

Writing is like being in a long-term relationship. When it begins, everything seems perfect, like you can do no wrong. Words tumble onto the page without effort, without second thought, without fear. This is what I have just so cleverly dubbed “The infatuation stage of writing.” Everyone remembers it: staying up until the early hours of the morning juiced up on coffee, tea, or some combination of alcohol (for those of us who subscribe to the Hemingway Method).

Unfortunately, much of the time, our first attempts at writing are shallow and superficial, much like the early months of a relationship. (OMG, you like Mumford & Sons TOO??? They’re like the best band EVER). As we grow in our writing, more and more complications arise: characters need to be active and deep (whatever that means), the setting has to be interesting, but not so interesting that it takes away from the…

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