A Good Friday Reflection

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On this Good and Blessed Friday, I stress to you the importance of Solitude. Just as Adam knew God alone in the solitude of Eden, so must we know him in the solitude of pure and penitent hearts. Retract your mind from the world and all of its technologies, for we are not of the world, but of God and His resurrected world to come. The world as it is now sets its will against us and seeks to break and batter us upon the sands of death. So in return, we must set our will to stone: God and his holy Righteousness. In quiet solitude, away from the cares of the material world, we can allow ourselves to transcend worldly wants and fears and give ourselves truly to God the Father.

Forget not the sacrifice he made for us on this day, nor the good he wills us through his perfect love. On this Good Friday let us commend our spirits into the hands of our Holy Father just as Jesus did on his cross so many years ago, for remember, whoever tries to save his life shall lose it, but whoever offers his life freely to the Holy and Living will of the Father shall save it.

May the grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with you always and may the love of God find its way to us and soften our hardened hearts. DSC_5647


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