Coming back to writing

I’ve been super busy this semester and unfortunately, haven’t had a chance to write much fantasy (or do much of anything besides school work(funny how basically everything in life exists to hinder creativity)). So tonight I sat down after much procrastination and  attempted to pick up my story where it left off. I have to say, I’m rusty. I wasn’t quite prepared to realize the reality that you can lose your “writing muscles” just as easily as you can lose your running or lifting muscles. After struggling through 500 words of basically writing pure plot (no description, artistic language, dialogue, or anything remotely resembling good writing) I have decided to call it quits for the night, take a shower, go to bed, look at what I wrote tomorrow morning (or afternoon more likely) and revise the crap out of it. My question is this: does anyone have any tips on how to get back into a serious writing schedule? Feel free to comment your thought below! 

***I (heartily) apologize for my (excessive) use of parenthetical in this post (though I hear it doesn’t annoy some people). This is how rusty I am: I have to resort to bad sentence structure to get my points across! 


2 thoughts on “Coming back to writing

    • That sounds…uncomfortable in every way possible haha. Last semester I used to write between the hours of 12am-3am but I have an 8am class this semester + varsity athletics…these things are incompatible . I’m just going to have to kick my butt into gear and find a new time to write… interesting fact though. 🙂 #procrastination.

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