“Tell me about him,” he said simply. “Tell me about this Carth, this man who makes all other men pale in comparison. It always helps to talk about things.”

She looked at him. “Do you know the tragedy of Sir Pellinor?”

“The song about the fallen knight? Of course.”

“Really it’s not a tragedy for Sir Pellinor, he’s already dead,” said Anna. “The real tragedy lies with all those that he left behind.” She looked as if she were going to say more, but raised the violin to her chin again. “That’s my tragedy,” she said, and began to play another melody, this one slow, sweet, and strong. It played across the room like a warm fire, filling spaces that were lacking with a song of longing. It spun about the air, floating sadly between the two. The Tragedy of Sir Pellinor.

The Tragedy of Carth Giator, Continuum: Fables of the Fallen


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