Anyone want to review my book? Free Copy Included.

As many of you know, myself and my writer’s group have released an anthology. As new writers, what we really, really, desperately need are reviews in order to get our stories noticed. I am willing to send a free copy in Kindle, .PDF, and for a limited time, in print format to anyone who wishes to review any or all of the stories contained in this anthology. The anthology itself is a fantasy/sci-fi collection of short stories. Some of the reviews we’ve received already are as follows:

“The second story, Fragile Innocence by R. C. Erickson, is set in a future that includes space travel and colonization. The main character, Stella, is a young school girl, and her relationship with her father and his teachings develop in unexpected ways. I was pleasantly surprised by this story, and don’t want to give too much away, other than to say go read it. You won’t be sorry.”

“Shadowbreak, The Last Hunt of the Ghostwalker, by Gregory Downs is a great mix of cultures (Nordic and Christian missionaries) as played out in a fantastic setting. The Ghostwalker is weary of his life, and of carrying out a herculean task for many years. As he nears the end of the task, he is forced to re-evaluate plans for the future- indeed, even to make plans for a future that he didn’t anticipate. Well written, with a good mix of fantasy and historical, I’ll be looking for more from this author.”

“The Tragedy of Carth Giator by Jacob Baugher rounds out the set. It is well written, and with sympathetic characters whose stories are drawn on a surprisingly complete world. The actions of Carth (Carn) and of his fiance Anna are believable, and the hallucinations that Carn experiences serve to drive home the horror of his situation. I’d recommend this introspective tale to anyone that likes a snapshot of ordinary people’s lives, and how they react to tragedy.”-Sarah M-Goodreads

We are currently averaging a 4/5 stars on Comment below or send me an email at if you’re interested in helping our cause. Again, if you only want to review one story or all of them it doesn’t matter, what matters are the reviews that we accumulate. Thank you for your support!

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