~~Caitie Quinn~~

I’m going to kick this off by admitting I realize the irony of the next paragraph.

Just because someone has published (trad or indie) a book, has a blog, or is even making a living as a writer, does not mean their advice is valid, worthwhile or even safe to your career. If you want to go it alone as an indie-pub’d person, you absolutely need to learn the difference between “someone with an opinion” and a “topic expert.”

Now, just to be clear, I know I’m not a topic expert on much. It’s easier to just say that now, isn’t it. 🙂

But, here are some things I’ve been seeing lately that I completely do not understand.

First there’s the, All readers want is a compelling story so just get it out there. Don’t worry about the editing school of thought.

Why would you publish something that’s less than your best work?…

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