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Below is a great article I read this morning and wanted to share with everyone.  Makes us runners think about why we do, what we do!

“Daddy, where are you going?” my son asked me recently as I was lacing up my running shoes on a cold, wet Sunday morning. “Running,” I said. “Why?” he asked.

He’s only three. But it was a good question, and one I couldn’t readily answer. I didn’t really want to go. My body was still jarring from the shock of being hauled out of its cosy bed. I was training for a marathon, sure, but it was still months away. Right at that moment, it didn’t feel critically important to be heading out into the unruly winter morning. I could go later. Or the next day. Or just not run the marathon. Why was I even running a marathon? But something was making me go. “Because…

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