Creative Writing Journal #2

The premise of this exercise was to create a setting from one line of prose. The sentence that I chose to use was “she left the freeway and drove into a small town, where she stopped at the first restaurant she saw and ordered lunch.

Here is the result

She left the freeway and drove to a small town, where she stopped at the first restaurant she saw and ordered lunch. She wasn’t hungry, but having lunch would be the last thing that he expected her to do, so she forced herself to  sit calmly in the small booth she had gotten and pick at her food. Surely he would not find her here, of all places. He knew she hated diners and this one was no exception. It was small, cramped, and generally unremarkable. The line of bar stools, complete with  blood red upholstery and silver legs reminded her too much of her childhood. The tacky decorations and plethora of unrelated pictures on the wall, depicting various employees of the month and unimportant bits of town history, were almost too much for her to take. 

But anything was better than facing him again, she thought as the noonday sun made its way slowly across the glossy surface of her table.

Anything was better than seeing that liar, that equivocator. He would regret breaking his promises to her, she would make sure of that. Once Robert found out what he had done, he was as good as dead.

She stared at the cheap, 80’s style carpet. It was impossible to think that anyone could have done that to her. She had trusted him, opened up to him…and now…it was all for nothing. Vaguely, she began to notice that the carpet had become blurry, melting the psychedelic design into a technicolor canvas of clashing hues. Only then did she realize that she was crying.

A shadow fell across the cheap, brown surface of her table. She looked up, right into the barrel of a military grade Glock-18. There he was, cold blue eyes blazing with hatred.

She heard a loud noise, like thunder right above her, then all she saw was the moldy, orange ceiling of the diner, veiled in a field of red.


The picture is courtesy of google images. Notice the “blood-red upholstery”


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